keskiviikko 25. toukokuuta 2011

Pyhä Kuolema samples added to the Anima Arctica radio

Three tracks from the upcoming Pyhä Kuolema album "Saavun vaikken kulkisi" added to the Anima Arctica radio. The first choice is the track titled "Tuhat kuolemaa sekunnissa". I think it builds a nice bridge between the deceased duo "Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa" and it's heir, the solo project "Pyhä Kuolema" with it's name, style and atmosphere. It's almost like the last farewell toast raised for the ruins of the duo Tuhat Kuolemaa SekunnissaThe second and the third track "Avaruusmies ja helvetinmies" and "Tanssi vainajille" continue the same path with deep and refined understanding of building the wanted ambiance.  - K.

tiistai 24. toukokuuta 2011

Tervahäät & MAA lyrics in English

I've noted a few times (in reviews, message board discussions, or in e-mails sent to me etc..) people who would like to understand more about the lyrics of Anima Arctica bands really haven't found their way to the place where the translated lyrics are stored. So, info and links for you.  - K.

English lyrics


perjantai 20. toukokuuta 2011

KEY - Silver Moon Slumber released 15.5.

Key - Silver moon slumber

Regal thieves
Houses of the moon
To the heart of Europe
Honey Sun
The golden chariot
Two voices
Harvest the ashes
The mountain and the river
...Of blood and bones of the universe

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US distributor: Handmade Birds

torstai 12. toukokuuta 2011

Pyhä Kuolema live 14.5. cancelled

Unfortunately the Pyhä Kuolema concert on Saturday 14.5. has been cancelled.
Gig organisers changed the timetable for this event drastically, and suggested that Pyhä Kuolema would play a set lasting only ten minutes.
The artist did what every self-respecting artist would have done, and decline this quoestionable honor to participate the evening.
I think we all agree that the new project of this experienced and talented artist deserves a different kind of approach to the first public appearance.


maanantai 9. toukokuuta 2011

Pyhä Kuolema live Saturday 14.5. at Helsinki, National Theatre, Omatunto-club

Pyhä Kuolema, the new project of the frontman of deceased Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa, will play live at the Omatunto-club at National Theatre (just in the center of Helsinki, right next to the main station) on Saturday 14.5.

If you want to hear the songs from the upcoming Pyhä Kuolema album "Saavun vaikken kulkisi", early evening is the suggested time to arrive and check the schedule, for the timetable for showtimes are set on the very same day.