keskiviikko 10. elokuuta 2011

Virta samples and other news

Two sample songs from upcoming Virta album "Elon syvä lempi" added to the radio.
This is the debut album of this project of mr. S.Forsström, and I am more than eager to release this beautiful and extremely skillfully presented piece of art later this autumn.

Pyhä Kuolema album is sent to press next week.
The first concert of Pyhä Kuolema is held at the "Veljesiltamat" -happening in Oulu, 20.8.

MAA concert with Blood Axis is getting near now, get your tickets from Tiketti.
The website of MAA has been updated with new photos and info. MAA t-shirts are soon available.
The band would like to welcome a new member to the band: Risto-Matti Salo is now officially part of the core group of MAA.

- K.