lauantai 11. elokuuta 2012

Tervahäät news  August 2012

Second album of  Tervahäät titled "Kalmonsäie" will be released in September, and the third album titled "Patria" will be released on Finnish independence day 6th of December.

Kalmonsäie will continue on the path of the self-titled album. Freezing and eerie avantgarde folk and ambient soundscapes are brought forth with the aid of primitive ritualistic percussions and home-made instruments. On this album the unique wintry sound of Tervahäät collides with solemn and noble chants, resulting in singular aural opus of esoteric Finnish mysticism.

With Patria Tervahäät takes a leap towards traditional neofolk. Somber songs are based on warm vocals, determined acoustic guitarwork, and samples of Finnish classical composers. About half of the lyrics of the songs are borrowed from Finnish poets and writers who also loved our homeland each in their own specific ways. Patria is a concept album of our fatherland Finland seen through the eyes of the duo Tervahäät.

When typing this shortish piece of info, Kalmonsäie is on the skillful hands in the stage of final mastering (you can find the sample songs from Kalmonsäie from the Anima Arctica Radio), last pieces of Patria are finding their places, and the fourth album - under a working title Taival - is steadily taking its form.

11th of August 2012

on behalf of Tervahäät,

 - Kaarna